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.....some of the greatest minds on earth is living in the seas......


Yoga & Dive  by the  SEA Retreat Dolphinreef

Swapping the yoga mat in the studio with the back drop oft the Dolphinreef can improve the connection with your body, mind and spirit. This relaxing environment is the perfect destination and you can even combine these new Yoga experiences with some mind blowing diving.

Dolphins are beings who are connected with us humans in ancient friendship. They bring us into contact with our own spontaneity, with joy, trust and laughter - in short, with our soul. They are the therapists of the sea, open our hearts and help us to re-assured to feel our connection with each other and with nature. The facility is beautifully maintained, and the staff will go well with other animal residents (cats, chickens, peacocks) to very loving.     They are affectionate and playful "Heart Opener"



In Yoga (Union) the body and breath are connected with the mind. By controlling the breath and holding the body in poses, yoga creates harmony. The postures are designed to ease tensed muscles and deep tissus, to tone up internal organs and to improve flexibility of the body’s joints and ligaments.


















Every day is a fairytale setting of the  deserts, observing natural behavior of dolphins from very close, leaded snorkeling with dolphins, dive and enjoy directly from the beach. You will feel like in paradise, surrounded by the  powers of the sun, the desert and the Red Sea.

Until late evening everyone can do what he wants stay in Dolphin Reef, take a trip, be active, relax or retire.  

In the evening, participants have the opportunity to choose from the rich offer a restaurant of their taste, which offer not only Israeli and Arabic cuisine and European delights. Nice beach walk under starry sky . And who still wants to be can also celebrate at night in one of the many beach restaurants or pubs.

Dive &  Yoga  Package

How do the yoga classes and dive packages work?

The packages are an fusion of yoga practice, relaxation,meditation, pranayama,  and scuba diving.

We explore how diving can become a personal meditative experience for the diver. Inexperienced divers learn scuba diving enhanced by several yoga techniques, particularly yogic breathing and breathing exercises (pranayama). 

Make every breath count with the most inspiring yoga and diving holiday yet. 

The increasing popularity of these specialized retreats is no doubt owed to the numerous health benefits and mind calming characteristics.

Allow yourself a moment to escape to our beautiful paradise and explore the complexity of the underwater life right here. Enjoy breathtaking nearby beaches, Improve your breathing, flexibility and concentration with your yoga practice. You will quickly see the fruits and directly transform into your underwater diving experience.


This peaceful state of mind that you will discover in time through yoga will allow you to get incredibly close to the fascinating abundance of life in the sea..

Experience the moonlight beaches under the stars and and leave your yogi footprints on the beaches. lOOK HERE


Course details:
The course includes Yoga classes, training dives or fun diving Scuba dives, a full set of scuba equipment, tuition in both yoga and diving. Accommodation .

Optional transfers may be added.

Additional information:.

Vacation highlights

  • Scuba diving

  • Sunset yoga sessions

  • Pranayama breathing techniques

  • Accommodation

  • An Idyllic beach

  • Water Healing treatments 

  • Boat trip

Outdoor sea view yoga
The evening yoga sessions will take place at the south beach of eilat. The morning classes will take place on in the dolphinreef yoga deck in with beautiful views over te dolphins, the red sea and the mountains of jordan.


  • Accommodation: Nearby to Sunrise beach

  • Scuba diving activities:

  • Yoga classes:

  • Distances

  • Airport tranfer

  • Accommodation

Homepage of Dolphinreef in Eilat/South Israel:






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