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Our mission is to share our passion and enthusiasm for yoga & diving. Our purpose is to inspire and develop new divers while encouraging certified divers to remain active by offering yogaNdive events and travels.


Additionally, we are committed to raising awareness of the threats facing our oceans today. It is a  sensitive environment which warrants our understanding, respect, and participation in protecting it as we dive and working close with local communities.

Our duty is to develop environmentally AWARE and mindful divers. As we are amazed by its beauty, below the surface, where we breathe, love, relax, meditate, explore and fly underwater. 


Yoga, Freedive and Scubadive communities are people who share a common interest. If you want to meet other yoga, dive enthusiasts. We help make that happen. If you need a yoga teacher, dive buddy, instructor, we can assist in making those connections.

We are connected to  Yoga, Scubadive and Freedive communities worldwide and working in collaboration with professional Dive Centers, Dive Instructors, Yoga Teachers, and YOGA Studios around the world.


We organizing dive trips, courses, events, workshops, classes, holidays & retreats.



yoga is union,  to combine,   to fusion,  to connect,  to collaborate


Note of the Founder Diane Gretsch


Yoga is teaching how to breathe and to get relaxed on land. The same state of meditation like you get while diving, riding down the hill with the snowboard or catching a wave.


"When you can control your breath you can control the mind."


Yoga is a union of body-mind breath which gives you the flexibility and strength you need to cope with life.

yoga is a tool to of awareness. It is an ancient discipline and art to help you understand yourself and your relation to your environment better .........

Founder Diane Gretsch

We are Ocean + Yoga teachers, Entrepreneurs, Explorers, Educators, World travelers, Dive Professionals, Locals and Volunteers.

Our mission is to create the perfect yoga and dive trip for you! 






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