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SUP YOGA Stand Up Paddleboard

Find your peace and balance with the ultimate relaxation on the water.


Great combination of Yoga & Water & Nature.


This is a journey for both: Yoga lovers and those who are new 
















What is SUP Yoga? 

Stand Up Paddleboard  or SUP yoga is a combination of Yoga and Stand-up Paddleboarding.

If practising yoga on the mat is great for you, why not try Yoga on the SUP board!

"Doing Yoga outdoors enhances the experience of presence and connection, it helps us grounding down and still a stressed mind.

At the same time we’re toning and cleansing our body.

It’ll be fun for everybody."

For beginners who are not familiar with Yoga, SUP Yoga can be a great way to find your balance and experience the ultimate relaxation on the water. For ocean lovers, the feeling of floating on the water in the middle of the ocean releases all your stress and tensions away.

Come try it yourself!


SUP Yoga is suitable for everyone, as long as you have a good sense of adventure and love the water!


Come into 'downward dog' and inverted asanas to see the world upside down. Perfect your balance in warrior poses.

Feel the waves lapping and rocking beneath you as you relax in 'shavasana' or corpse pose, which is definitely better on the ocean than on the mat! Feeling adventurous? 


 The yoga lesson:

  • Asana (physical and mental postures)

  • Pránáyáma (breathing techniques)

  • Yoganidra (relaxation techniques)

  • a lot of FUN

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