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Keep dive fit

with exercises and yoga






Entering a meditative state of mind and being in the present moment. The union of yoga and diving can help you understand what meditation is and how you will be able to apply it in your daily life. Enjoy the sense of peace and connectedness with nature.




Learn to Scuba Dive or improve your Diving with the ancient science of Yoga. 


Pre-dive/Post-dive Hatha Yoga classes teach you to breathe, relax, concentrate and stretch in preparation for diving.

Dives are conducted in small groups with experienced PADI professionals. Dive in an ecologically responsible and sensitive way whilst enjoying the serene beauty of the aquatic underworld.


The Yoga & Diving course combines techniques of hatha yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, and scuba diving in a beautiful, natural environment.

The focus of Yoga diving is to bring about inner transformations through meditative experiences of the body/mind both on land and under the sea.

Yoga and scuba diving are both forms of meditative movement which focus on breath-synchronized movement.


 It is suitable for everybody  divers and non-divers,  yoga practitioners and beginners.





Yoga & Dive approach brings us to incredible close encounters with nature and helps us feel stillness, relaxation,and improve general fitness

This natural meditative state while diving helps us to understand meditation better which is one of the limbs of yoga practice.




"when we can control our breathing we can control the mind. "


Controlled Breathing 

slower our breathing rate 
better result in air consumption /improving lung capacity


better buoyancy skills

steady breathing/longer bottom time and improved quality of our dive

improve core stability, legs, hips

improve flexibility

reduce the risk of injury/general fitness

better dive


Beginners will learn diving in an open, respectful and natural way and receive a relevant PADI certification. 


Certified divers can improve their buoyancy skills and ability to observe the life undersea.For those who want to improve air consumption, the breathing exercises fundamental in Yoga are also ideal for improving lung capacity and encouraging effective, steady breathing and ultimately extend your time.


For a diver, the essential elements of yoga can significantly reduce your risk of injury. Specific exercises can improve air consumption, core stability, working on the lower back to protect it from the trauma of tanks on your back and weight belts. Targeting the legs and hips can improve your finning technique, improve your flexibility and fitness to making diving a whole lot easier.


The course has also helped many to overcome their fear of water. All diving groups are small so that our instructors can spend as much time with each individual as required.



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